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Summer Colour, Craft & Chat Club

Join staff and students of NCW for a relaxing, informal and fun craft session aimed at children with a vision impairment aged 10 to teens! 

Each week will have  theme so you can come prepared, or otherwise simply grab some colouring or some Lego and join us for a chat.

There will be a colouring in theme to complete on paper or digitally and a small and simple make, using the good old loo roll and/or coloured paper.

The club will be held on video conferencing platform Google Meet – simply click on the link that we email through to you.

Tuesday 30th June: Pretty Wings – Make a Butterfly

If you’d like to craft along you will need:

  • 1 roll or tube (kitchen/toilet – microwave to get rid of germs for 30 seconds.)
  • Wrapping paper – to cover tube if wanted
  • White paper – for painting or drawing the wings on and eyes
  • Coloured water based paints – for colouring the paper and tube
  • Water spray bottle, brush or sponge to dampen paper
  • Pipe cleaners or straws – for details such as antenna
  • Googly eyes if wanted
  • Glue or tape – can be PVA or Pritt stick
  • Newspaper – for work surfaces
  • Scissors – to cut your shapes (adult supervision)

Butterflies colouring and slides

Tuesday 7th July: Flower Theme – Make a Card

If you’d like to craft along you will need:

  • Box card – for template
  • Coloured paper – for flower shape
  • Plastic or paper straws
  • Coloured pens – to either colour paper or straws and to draw round template
  • Glue or tape – can be PVA or Pritt stick
  • Scissors – to cut your shapes (adult supervision)

Flowers colouring and slides


Tuesday 14th July: Monster Theme – Make an Alien

If you’d like to craft along you will need:

  • 2 or more balloons – any colour you like
  • Cup of rice – not cooked!
  • Black permanent pen – for drawing the details
  • Empty plastic drinks bottle – to make funnel and stand OR a funnel and plastic jug
  • Cutting board – for parents to use when cutting bottle to make funnel
  • Sharp knife – Parents only to use
  • Scissors – to cut and trim bottle and one balloon (adult supervision)

Aliens colouring and slides

Tuesday 21st July: Foil Fish!

If you’d like to craft along you will need:

  • Card board from a packing box. Corrugated card is better as it will help with imprint/texture
  • Coloured permanent pens– for drawing the details on the fish
  • Kitchen foil
  • Fish template, if needed – various sizes
  • Stick to hang finished fish from –this can be collected when out on a walk
  • String to attach to fish ready to hang
  • Tape
  • Scissors – to cut template and fish (adult supervision)

Fish Craft and colouring sheets

Tuesday 28th July: Musical Instruments!

If you’d like to craft along you will need:
  • Kitchen roll tube or wrapping paper tube (if a wrapping tube please cut in half)
  • 1 handful of filler material (seeds, rice, beans, or beads)
  • A piece of kitchen foil – to scrunch into shape as filler
  • Card or paper – to cut into circles to seal the tube top and bottom
  • Tape
  • Stickers to decorate or paper to cover finished tube

Instruments Colouring and sheets

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Tue - 28 Jul 20


4:00 pm - 4:45 pm




Your house!


New College Worcester
New College Worcester
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