Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.


Our Politics department focuses on studying the relevance of Politics to everyday life and the different ways in which citizens become involved in the political process.
Major aspects of British and American Politics and Government are covered. Students have to learn the theory, but must also be aware of current developments.

The challenges in meeting the needs of students with a vision impairment include:

  • Grasping chronology to aid the understanding of developments within Politics
  • The need to understand and interpret graphs and tables
  • The need to read large amounts of information to support the work in the classroom
  • Lack of the incidental learning of areas, such as image, which are acquired through sight

Examples of adaptations for vision impaired students

  • Structured work on developing research skills using resource banks of large print, Braille and electronic materials.
  • Use of tactile diagrams e.g. graphs and tables.
  • Textbooks in large print, Braille and electronic versions are available.
  • Support with tracking current events in American Politics.
  • Visits to Parliament to aid understanding.

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A Level:

AQA: Politics

Head of Department:

Jeanette Normanton-Erry, Head of History and Politics and Head of Outreach
Dr Jeanette Normanton-Erry
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