Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.


In the Psychology department, we start at the beginning and build on the basic ideas and theories in order to help students develop a good understanding of human behaviour.

The challenges in meeting the needs of students with a vision impairment include:

  • The visual nature of some topics
  • The need to understand and interpret graphs and tables
  • The need to read large amount of information to support the work in the classroom
  • Lack of the incidental learning which is acquired through sight

Head of Department:

Staff - Rachael McGirr - Head of Psychology
Rachael McGirr

Examples of adaptations for vision impaired students

  • There is flexibility in the options which can be taught allowing a choice of topic areas that are more accessible to our students and which allow the students to engage more with the subject.
  • Students will be involved in planning and conducting different psychological research tasks to help them grasp some of the more difficult methodological concepts involved in carrying out psychological research.
  • Structured work on developing research skills using resource banks of large print, Braille and electronic materials.
  • Use of tactile diagrams e.g. graphs and tables.
  • Textbooks in large print, Braille and electronic versions are available.
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A Level:

  • Eduqas: Psychology
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