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Head of Department: Mr Stuart Snowdon


The geography department aims to build on the interest of students in the world, as well as develop understanding of natural events and awareness of how people affect the world around them.

Geography Collage

The challenges in meeting the needs of students with a visual impairment include:

The visual nature of some topics, including the use of maps and diagrams in examination papers

  • Being able to access and carry out fieldwork
  • Grasping the size and scale of landforms and distances between places
  • Lack of the incidental learning acquired through sight

Examples of Adaptations for Visually Impaired Students

A number of adjustments are made to teaching to meet the needs of students with a visual impairment:

  • Year 7 students go on a regular Humanities trips and students complete fieldwork activities in Years 10 – 13
  • Structured work on developing research skills, through the use of resource banks of large print, Braille and electronic materials
  • The department has a number of models of landforms to help illustrate their development
  • Use of drama activities and create board games that help to develop an understanding of various topics
  • Use of kinaesthetic learning methods to develop understanding of landforms


Exam courses from September 2018:

A Level:

Edexcel geography: physical geography ( tectonics and landscape processes), human geography (globalisation, superpowers and development) and a fieldwork investigation


Edexcel geography B: Global geographical issues, UK geographical issues, people and environment issues – making geographical decisions