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Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography helps you make sense of the world around you.

Geography will create more well-rounded and worldly people. It will give insight to current issues in both human and physical geography which affects us all.

In an inter-connected world like we have today, the study of geography has never been more important.

Geography will cover many pressing issues and will inspire students to want to tackle these issues.

By studying geography students will gain a curiosity about the world.

Geography is a unique subject because it looks at both the physical structure of the planet and the social structure (i.e. how we affect our environment and how it affects us) in the past, present and future.

Geography offers such a variety of topics and experiences that is never ‘old’ or ‘boring’. It is ever changing and moving with current events. If there is a tsunami that hits a community tomorrow, it is geography. If the price of oil drops, making petrol cheaper at the pumps then this is geography. If there is no skiing in the Alps due to climate change, this is geography.

We aim to create successful geographers that are able to understand how the world works and their place in it.

GCSE intent:

The aims and learning outcomes of the course are to:

Allow students to develop and extend their knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes, and of different scales including global; and of social, political and cultural contexts (know geographical material).

Gain an understanding of the interactions between people and environments, change in places and processes over space and time, and the inter-relationship between geographical phenomena at different scales and in different contexts (think like a geographer).

Apply geographical knowledge, understanding, skills and approaches appropriately and creatively to real world contexts, including fieldwork, and to contemporary situations and issues; and develop well-evidenced arguments drawing on their geographical knowledge and understanding (applying geography).

Stuart Snowdon 

January 2024

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