Carry on Caring!

Lower School

House Parents have been keeping in touch with their residents over lockdown and having virtual get-togethers to keep that house spirit alive!

House parents are on call for parents to talk about any issues and for planning the long-awaited return to school! Meanwhile, those who live on campus have been regularly updating us with news of the wildlife enjoying the peace and quiet!

Bradnack House events which have already happened or are planned this term include:

  • Ghost stories and hot chocolates
  • Bradnack house meeting – student voice!
  • Eyes down for Bingo!
  • Talent night
  • Mustafa’s farewell party 
  • Murder Mystery Night 
  • End of Term Party!

Sixth Form

Being in lockdown hasn’t stopped the Sixth Form Care Team from maintaining regular contact with their Keywork students.

Throughout the whole period each Keyworker has been in at least weekly contact with their students. Some have been busy planning and monitoring exercise plans, making and listening to music, developing ADL skills and even reading the whole Harry Potter series from scratch. Some Keywork groups also have arranged to get together virtually once a week to just hang out, chat, laugh and catch up.

Each week since March groups of students have gathered together for organised activities: The Monday night Quiz with Dan and his amazing Mouth Trumpet for the music round, the Thursday evening open Night Mic with Julie (and singing former student Carys) and Saturday Bake club with Jan and her virtual bakers, making delicious treats in accessible ways.

Transition events are taking place for Year 11s transferring up to the Sixth Form and new Year 12s from the Lower School. New Keyworkers are making contact, discussing accommodation, routines, concerns and worries so that they are best prepared for their next phase. There have been virtual mobility lessons for some students so that they can familiarise themselves with their new environments.

For all students the regular e-mail , Google Meet and Hangouts contact are all in place. Parents are able to contact Residential Care Staff with any questions they have. Staff have been helping students with University choices, student funding, PIP applications as well as guidance on as range of well-being issues.

The 6th form Care staff are fully committed to making sure that all students feel valued, respected, listened to and involved just as much as they might do if we were all in Worcester together.

Jack and lemon sponge
Harrison and cookies
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