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Remote History & Politics

Our students enjoy getting involved in discussion which has meant that History and Politics lessons have been very active in using Google Meet. Links to online videos, information files and tasks are emailed as well, in case of connection issues, but most students have been able to connect and have taken part in activities.

Lessons during lockdown have included:

  • Year 7 getting into character as Charles I, making decisions at key moments in the build-up to the English Civil War – marrying the pretty French princess was a popular option
  • Year 8 taking part in radio dramatization of the Peterloo Massacre
  • Year 9 discussing key decisions made at the end of the Second World War
  •  Year 10 GCSE students discussing the ‘spin’ in a cinema newsreel about Hitler gaining Anschluss with Austria in March 1938
  • A level History students being interviewed as news correspondents commenting on events during the 9 days when Lady Jane Grey was queen
  • A Level History students using Google Docs to collaborate on essay plans on popular reactions to the English Reformation
  • A Level Politics students, never short of opinions, providing advice to a President about the extent of his powers under the Constitution
  • A Level Politics students using dice as part of a challenge game on the pros and cons of the American Primary elections
Dr Erry teaching from home
Dr Erry teaching from home
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