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During the COVID-19 outbreak NCW is committed to keeping students and staff safe whilst still providing top quality accessible learning

On this page we will be sharing some of the wonderful examples of how NCW staff are still teaching and caring for the young people in our school community.

If you are the parent of a young VI learner in a mainstream setting and would like your child to be able to access this learning get in touch as we  may be able to provide resources, tips or even include your child in some our lessons.

Contact us via our Contact Us page

Home Learning with Jake
Joe learning to butter bread via video link
Mr Painter ready to teach Musical Theatre remotely
Ready for virtual assembly
Mrs Browning teaching ILS remotely

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and total respect for all of your interaction with the kids over these difficult times. It has been extra difficult for [daughter] as she is worrying that she might never go back given this was her last term. You and your staff have kept her going, engaged and motivated - thank you. I have been really impressed with the provision and remote support. Thank you to everyone.

Parent - May 2020

I cannot believe how much Rico’s changed! I can't believe that he's the same boy! I am sooooo proud! He gets up everyday ready for school without me even having to ask! By the time I get up he's already up dressed and ready to go. He wants to do so well with his work! He was so happy to hear about his options for GCSEs. I can't believe we have come this far. There been such a dramatic change in his attitude. I want to say a massive thank you to you guys! He wouldn't have achieved this without you and the rest of the staff! I really do appreciate everything you have done for him! I really mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Parent - May 2020

Virtual Assemblies & Form Groups

Google Meets has been really effective for everyone coming together for assemblies and form time. There is no limit to the number of people who can join and after a a couple of times most people have become competent users. It is accessible for those who are vision impaired and participants are able to join with or without video. Anyone not speaking needs to turn disable their microphone to cut out background noise.

These gatherings have facilitated a routine feel to the virtual school day, with staff and students joining for assembly and form time first thing in the morning – ready for the day!

Assembly - 100 attendees

Clubs & Activities Programme

At NCW we have found during these difficult times that by reacting quickly and being flexible is a key to success in running a virtual school. On lockdown, we ran a full virtual programme of lessons but over the first few weeks it emerged that students were becoming exhausted, as were parents and staff!  The students were missing the down time with their peers, House Parents and Key Workers.

We reacted to this situation instigated a bi-weekly timetable, which freed up afternoons for a series of well-being clubs that students could sign up to. From sing-a-longs to fitness, arts & crafts to App club – there was something for everyone.

Care Staff and Key Workers have also been running activities outside of school time, in the evenings and at weekends, including Quiz Nights, Open Mic Evenings and even a Saturday Afternoon Baking Club.

Virtual Afternoon Activities and Clubs – May 2020


  • Nature photography club with Mrs Ridley
  • Fitness club with the Activities team with Phil


  • Chat, Colour & Make Club with Mrs Kings
  • Cooking with Ms Emmanuel
  • Quiz with the Activities team – Megan
  • Musical Theatre Sing-a-long with Mr Painter


  • Fitness Club with the Activities team – Phil
  • App Club with Miss Williams


  • Reading Club with Mrs Wright
  • Music Club with the Activities Team – Megan


  • Creative Writing Club with Mr Hinds
  • Craft Club with the Activities team – Chloe
Ms Emanuel makes scones
Harrison at Baking Club
Mr Painter runs Musical Theatre Singing Club
Rainbow colouring

Lockdown Living Skills

Independent Living Skills lessons and practical support

Don't Stop the Music

Lessons, projects and clubs

Getting Creative

Art lessons and Crafty Clubs

Virtual English!

English Lessons & Creative Writing Club

Remote Science

Science lessons in lockdown

History & Politics

Online History & Politics Lessons

PE & Fitness


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