Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Virtual NCW

During the COVID-19 outbreak, NCW is committed to keeping students and staff safe, whilst continuing to provide top quality accessible learning. 

During the first lockdown in 2019, NCW ran a full remote timetable and support programme via Google Meet – and we are once again teaching remotely for the first term of 2021.

We will be sharing some great examples on this page of how we are continuing to teach and care for the young people in our school community during the national lockdown.

Graphic of a home learning set up: desk, computer and chair. Text reads 'Virtual NCW is back!'

Just wanted to say how amazing the provision has been from NCW. What a change after the first lockdown in mainstream. Not only is everything accessible but [daughter] is included socially, and not vulnerable because she is isolated. She is far less stressed and so am I!

I have been very impressed with how you have all very quickly adapted to the situation. I wanted to thank you and hope you will pass on our appreciation to all - for the continued support, excellent communication, and the amazing effort everyone has put into continuing during these very challenging times. I think what you all do is amazing and I have always felt we made the right decision trusting you with [son's] education. You and the rest of your team have only solidified our belief!

Areas of virtual learning...

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