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Getting Creative

Art Lessons

Art lessons have been continuing as per the timetable with all Year groups accessing their studies.

Year 7, 8 and 9 focused on famous artists of the 20th century where students learn about an artist through video, and then select an activity to do from a list. As hands on practical lessons aren’t possible at the moment, the learning is aimed at developing students’ understanding of Art.

An example of this has been learning about the Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo. The theme of the lesson was identity and students learnt how Kahlo overcame her physical disability (she was badly injured in a bus accident at 18 years old) and how she expressed her culture through her paintings.

Students could choose to write about their culture to an imaginary Mexican penfriend, research more about Kahlo or draw their own self portrait with the things which are important to them from their culture.

Louisas self portrait

Senior Student, Reef, in Year 13 has just completed his A level in Art, Craft and Design and likes art so much he is now doing a 2nd A level in Graphic Communications. He is currently learning about branding and how to combine text and images.

Arts and Crafts Clubs

During lockdown, Mrs Kings has been sending students daily doses of mindful colouring that they can do electronically, or print and colour by hand. Different themes have emerged – we have had rainbows, animals and flowers to name a few!

Mrs Kings is also running a regular Art & Craft Activity group on Tuesday afternoons on Google Meet where, along with simple makes and colouring, the chat is as much part of the relaxation. The group is a chance to spend time with friends and support each other in a really informal way. Great vibes!

Rainbow colouring
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