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See Me! Schools Programme – VI Activities

Welcome to the See Me! VI Activities page! 

You may have accessed this page because your school has taken part in the NCW’s See Me! school programme or because you want to play some VI games! Check out the below for more.

We have created a VI friendly activities page for you to complete at home.          Test your family members or friends on how good their sense of hearing is, or whether they can guess the object! 

Complete all activities to be entered into our competition to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

Your turn to play!

Listen to each of these sounds, can you guess what they are? 

Click on each sound box and enter your answers below!

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Guess the object!

Listen carefully to the the student’s description. 

Can you guess what the object is?

Final questions!

Answer the final questions and enter our competition below.

Question 1

Name two things that help a blind student/person would use to get around?

Question 2

Are you able to name 3 out of the 5 senses? Think carefully! 

Question 3

How can VI people read and write? 

Enter the competition*

Enter your answers!

Enter your details to be entered into the competition!

*You can only enter the competition once. You must complete all of the activities to be entered in the quiz. Keep an eye out for the winner! 

If you enjoyed those little games and being entered into the competition! 

Join our Youth-Club FRI-YAY! The activities are all VI friendly and its all about coming along and having some fun, we have weekly meet ups and you can check it out on the NCW Website clicking on the link below. 



                                                        Share the fun!

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