Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Religious Education Curriculum Intent

The main objective of the department is to provide varied and enriching lessons that effectively prepare our students for life in a culturally diverse modern world.

Our department aims to promote an awareness of the usefulness of RS to everyday living, to encourage enthusiasm for interest in the study of other people’s beliefs and to promote mutual respect, tolerance and understanding across different cultures and communities.

Britain is now a very diverse society; finding out about the beliefs and lifestyles of all people makes us think about what we believe and reflect on our own choices. This helps us to develop our own ideas and opinions, and ultimately shapes who we are.

Learning to express our own beliefs and to listen to the views of others is an important life skill and this is something we believe is very important in the society we live in today.

Rosie Barter

September 2023

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